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Full Version: Concealment Theme Preview
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Concealment is a new theme we're working on for MyBB and it's almost ready for release, however, we'd like to get some input from the MyBB users as to whether they would use the theme and what they think of it.

Feel free to share your comments and provide feedback!

Very nice, it looks promising. Great colors, great header, and I look forward to your upcoming designs. Smile.
Thank you very much Audentio!

It sits at 99% done right now. We're just checking to make sure we didn't miss anything. We've not done any major customization, however, if it picks up well and we see others are using the theme, we will continue to develop it further and further modify the theme to suit the needs of its users Smile.
MyBB 1.21.10? Toungue

Looks nice.
MrDoom Wrote:MyBB 1.21.10? Toungue

Looks nice.

MyBB 1.21.10? I'm missing something Smile

Thanks for the comment, however!
It says in the header. "MYBB THEME FOR MYBB 1.21.10"
Ah, yes - perhaps it's time for my eyes to get some rest Wink
Looks nice, I love the navigation. Smile
Thanks much, Snowy!

It should be released within the next 12-24 hours. We're working on getting our own forum up and running and then once it's ready we will be releasing the theme for download.

It'll be posted to the database here at MyBB and available on our forum, so it will be a freely available theme for anyone to use Smile.

Our forum will also be used for support, so we will also be fully supporting the the theme where most do not, so hopefully that will attract others to use the theme as well.
This looks amazing. I can't wait for this theme. I'll be using it on both of my forums Wink.
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