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Full Version: Signature creation interface needs improved
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I was looking to create a signature on one of my MyBB forums and it seems the signature posting interface is "missing in action".

Why not have the same interface for signatures that we have for making posts where users can highlight text and create signature links.

It really needs to be improved for sure.

Thank you to the developers for consideration of this idea.
Yes there's a MyCode formatting bar for signatures (and many other places) in MyBB 1.4
So this means it will be added one day then ?

What version is this forum on right now ?
This forum is running MyBB 1.2.10.

The next major version release is MyBB 1.4.0

Read: [wiki]1.4.0[/wiki]
Thank you for the information, MyBB is going to be a big time forum software platform and I plan on sticking with the script long term.