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Full Version: Live links can't be seen well here
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AVC, can you post a screenshot from your browser so we can distinguish if this is something to do with your settings?

Also, what browser are you running?
I strongly believe its your well with me.
I can understand if you mean that links you have visited are hard to distinguish between the black and link text.
I'll probably look into my browser settings and change that for myself.
I am using IE7.

It has nothing to do with my end, your contrast is not good here.

Why is it different on the same forum I linked to already ??

I go to thousands of pages a week guys, I can hardly see the live links here.

I'm off to get you a screen shot from this thread so you guys can see what I am seeing here.

In the mean time, look at how good the contrast of live links are on this site:
Here is your screen shot of a post in this thread with a live link in it, the live link actually shows a bit better in the screen shot than it does in real time also, so in reality it is worse than that for me in real time.
AVC, it's a problem with your browser/monitor. I can see the links perfectly fine as well as many others here. Override the colors in your browser if you must
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