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Full Version: Logo Query
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Guys i am facing problems with the site logo
Most of the viewers of my forum have different resolutions i.e
i have designed a logo which looks good with 1024 x 768 but there are users with low resolution such as 800 x 600 and with higher resolution 1152 x 684 pixels find the logo looking small or big.

What should i do now ?
Put your logo on a banner that is less than 800px in width. Find a way to use the css repeat-x function. This will allow your banner to expand the whole length of the board, no matter what resolution you have. Im using a 1600x1400 right now, and my grandmother is using a 800x600. Your banner will look the same on both of ours (just larger or smaller obviously) if you do this. Link me to your board or your banner and I can show you the best way to do this.
Honestly, unless your target market specifically is a 800x600 crowd, I'd simply overlook that area of design as 800x600 really isn't used that much anymore. Text and images can be enlarged for those that are hard at seeing on any resolution now.

As for 1152x684, I've honestly not heard of too many people using that resolution either. It's a wider screen format.

It really boils down to how large your logo is. The MyBB logo here at probably looks too large on both of those resolutions to be honest, however, it was designed for a general audience.

It's just common that those on a smaller screen resolution are naturally going to see things much larger and "up close" than normal.
Thanks for those comments.

@Audentio : check pm !
Ok, in my opinion, rectangular bordered banners never will work with resolution differences; lest you use CSS. Try taking the border off and making the content inside of it around 600-700 px. You know?

If you really like the border, try:

.logo {
border: 4px outset;

In the extra css portion. I hope that'll work, I haven't tested it out. Toungue I never use the outset function.
Ok i will try and let you know.