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Full Version: Mods site and plugins disappearing...
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I wonder where did two of my submitted plugins disappear. I had submitted them at and AFAIK they're compatible with latest version(s).

One was the AJAX shoutbox and the other was titled Hide mod. I wonder how come they do not exist there anymore?

I have been out of touch for quite sometime, so enlighten me please.
Don't know for sure, but maybe they got 'lost' when we 'revamped' the mods site? Smile I'd submit them again, unless some of the other staff deleted them...
Submissions are rarely deleted, unless there is a good reason for doing so. I'm not aware of any reason why these submissions would have been deleted however.

How long ago did you submit your plugins? Have they disappeared recently?
Do you have some sort of logs for deleted mods/plugins? Because I want to know if they were deleted due to some reason I don't know. Although I doubt they were deleted on purpose because nothing could be wrong with them.

Actually I think, it's three of them. But I am sure of only one of them. I am confused whether I submitted both the 2nd and 3rd one or one of them. I don't really know when they disappeared because I was away for a long time.

If there aren't any logs for deletion, I will just re-submit them. Smile
Sorry, I have no record of when submissions are deleted or who by. If you can let me know how long ago the submissions should have been live, I can look over some backups, although it's probably easier to submit them again.
I have never deleted a submission so you can count me out