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Full Version: [help please?]Theme Editing
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Hey, I was trying to edit one of my styles and I've designed it, but I have a few questions of how to put it to use >.>

1. I made a background skin, how can I make it show up behind everything? FIXED IT
2. Can I make sections e.g. navbar/header transparent? (So it will show the background so it doesn't look as bad)
3. Is there a easier way to edit a whole selection of buttons, in stead of one by one?
4. If I can't use my own made background/make parts transparent, can I put on a gradient without making a image? FIXED IT
5. When I try and paste over my darker design for the buttons on this skin they come out without the effects even though I flattened the layer before hand Confused Help? FIXED

Any more that crop up I will add...

Thanks in advance!
1. Looks like you've fixed it.
2. Use a transparent background. I'd be more than happy to help you with that.
3. Yes, but you'd have to have a GDK, similar to the one on here. Also, I am happy to help with that, once again.
4. Looks like you've fixed this, too.
5. Again, looks like you've fixed this.

PM me anything you want me to help you out with...