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Well...just got these touched up and finished today. Not saying they are 100% but I think they are ready to go.

I also have

If all 3 do well I may merge them into but for now I will keep them seperate and try to promote them as is. Anyone wishing to join go right ahead. I am thinking about doing giveaways for the DVD sets to help promote the sites but still have to consider my options.

Thank you.
I guess the idea is fine but what's with the banner in Futurama forums?
joined the simpsons forum since i love the simpsons... good luck with them labrocca...Wink

p.s. i found out that i joined the simpsons one over two months ago..:O
Well I hate South Park, but I joined at the Simpsons and Futurama forums as "Bart" and "Dr. John Zoidberg" respectively.

Looking great,

Nice skins Smile
Looking very nice Smile
Not crazy about the skins, the domains are svveet, and the forums are fantastic and creative.
All 3 forums look VERY professional and great! Nice work and all you need to do now is fill the south park one with some posts Wink
Check out this hilarious video by Boymongoose:

The entire album is funny, you can hear more of it here:

It would be awesome to see him cameo on South Park!
These 2 never took off. I already sold the Futurama one but the other two are up for sale. Anyone that wants to buy them let me know. They are $150 each which is a great price for names alone. I can also update skin and forum to 1.4x for an additional $20.
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