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Full Version: [suggestion]Modator system[suggestions]
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ok so it came to my attention when i downloaded mybb that to be able to bann a member you would need to have acess to the admin cp so i was thinking that they should have Either somthing like

Vb eg a infration/ banning system that mods can acess with out having to go into the admin cp

on somthing like what invisionfree/ipb has where there is somthing in the user profiles beside the post that says bann and when it is clicked it shows you your warrning or if you are a mod you can click on warrn a user and it come us with a pop up like so

[Image: warningxa6.jpg]

[Image: warningpanelmg9.jpg]
A Moderator Control Panel and a warning system are included in the next release of MyBB

* can't Wait of the nex release now*
There is currently a Forum Warning System mod you can use while 1.4 comes out.