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Full Version: Unable to Create New User in ACP : user.php Error
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I am Using MyBB 1.2.11 at my forum at :

Everything went smooth till i stared creating a few users manually via ACP.

I am getting the following error :

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: unicode_chr() in /home/adsenses/public_html/forum/inc/datahandlers/user.php on line 73

I am Using Royal Bulletiinn Theme. I dont think i made any changes to any php file.

Please Help !
You overwrote your ./inc/functions.php file when installing that Theme ?

Edit :

Seems so =P You need to contact vintagedaddyo, so he can update the ThemePackage.
Yes Lex..
I tried to over write the file functions.php by the original one. Then I get a New Error and Form does not open at all.

can u plz sugges what is to be removed in function.php ? Else if i overwrite both the files by original one.. will the curent customized theme work normally?
Replacing by original files dies solve the problem but then the theme becomes distored.
You should contact the author of the theme to find out what needs to be changed, since the functions.php seems to be out of date.
Probably a 1.2.9 theme. It's easy to get an old functions.php, and look at the changes between the two in Notepad++ (Suggesting because it's free, personally I like Dreamweaver)