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Full Version: Different Button for Each Forum
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I'm currently starting a gaming website, and it's going to contain different forums, such as Microsoft and Sony. Is it possible to use an XBOX New Post/No New Post button for the Microsoft forum only in index view? I'd like to customize the button for each of my gaming forums, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo.
You can change your forum style forum by forum. For example, when a guest go to Xbox forum, Theme will change to Xbox theme. There is an option in the admin cp. You can find it.
Well, I'm not trying to change the style. I'm simply trying to make the New Post/No New Post image different in the index view.
get a copy of the same theme with slightly different changes Wink
Also consider using different forum icons as a less stressful way of doing it Smile I believe they have a mod to do this as well.
Like Dreamer said, you just need to make a copy of your existing theme and place the specific set of buttons in place of the default ones. Then you can go to the ACP, as arno suggested, and set each specific forum/category to change its theme (Which in your case, will only replace the buttons).

Also, kruzzen's got a good idea. There is a plugin that will let you display a specific icon in place of a (No) New Posts icon. I'm sure you'll be able to find it in the Mods collection.

I hope this is clear enough.