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Full Version: Themes Categories on Mod Section
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I'd love to see some categories in the theme section of the mod site. Its great to see so many themes available for MyBB, but its a shame that its so difficult to find the theme you're looking for.

It'd be great if we had categories (like those for the actual mods) to be based on colour or some either criteria. It'd also be really cool to add some more search functionality so you can search themes by colour, light/dark or other info.
I assume you're talking about, so I'm going to move this thread into the Forum & Website forum.
Well, you can try using the demos page: even though all the latest ones arent updated.

It wouldn't be a bad idea though.
It's pretty hard to come up with criteria for something that never has anything in common. All the themes are unique
That's exactly the reason there are no theme categories on the site at the moment, it's quite difficult since each theme is different. I do have a couple of other ideas on how to "group" themes together, but we'll have to see what happens.

Just for the record, I'll be spending a few days getting the theme demonstration updated with the latest submissions as soon time allows. Smile