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Full Version: How i can "move" the forum to right?
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because you know hebrew its right to left
how i can do it?
I believe you'd need to do that by editting the language files.
i think its somthing in the template..
you know align or somthing
MyBB Gold (the next release) will offer far better options for RTL, so hold on Wink
when it will release?
because im translating that version (1.00 RC4)
do you mean you want.

text like this?

I believe all of that can be edited in the .css

If this is what you wanted.
you can just add
align: right ;
to the css options that need it.

if you have a picture I might better understand.
i wonder where i can change the encoding?
what sort of encoding do you want to change?
go to your ACP, then Modify Templates > YOUR TEMPLATE -> css

then make some attempts modifying "body" and/or "content". Well, I don't know what exactly (there could easily be more you've got to edit).

Good luck.