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Full Version: Search box has messed up again?
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I don't know if anyone has changed anything, but the search box has messed up in Firefox and Konqueror.



Can anyone confirm?
Firefox shows it fine here; Windows XP though.
It's been fine for me
Might be a problem that occurs purely on Linux then? Can anyone else test it on a Linux distro?
Through Linux the Firefox one looks okay here, it's a true rectangular shape, no white part hanging down on the left.

Edited to add : It looks messed up in Konqueror, but okay in Opera.
Hmm, ok I guess it's an extension error on my side for the Firefox one.
Fine for me on Firefox, bit messed up on Konqueror though (the search box is half-way dipped into the navigation links area but it renders correctly otherwise). Using FF for Linux and Konqueror 4.00.00.
I found out it was an extension on Firefox that was causing the error, but yeah, it still needs to be fixed in Konqueror.
Is it just me or shouldn't this be a bug filed to Konqueror?