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Full Version: Text overflows into the "Download Now" box.
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In Opera 9.50 (although I swore I remember it doing this in the 9.2x builds), the text "overflows" into the "Download Now" box.

IIRC, this also happened on pages that used the same box.
zomg I thought Opera was perfect
Tikitiki Wrote:zomg I thought Opera was perfect

Well, moreso that FF/IE standards-wise. But that does rear it's ugly head in issues like this.

God knows how many issues I had to fix when I viewed my site for the first time in Opera. Toungue That was a a few years back, though. xd
Soshite Wrote:Well, moreso that FF/IE standards-wise.
Evidently not so much judging by its failure at this standard code Big Grin