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I wanted to know if you were allowed to do this:

you the mods you have on your site the mybb mods, well am i allowed to put them on my site available for download, i am not going to claim them as mine or anything or change it in anyway, i am just gonna make them available for download from my site.
That would depend on the individual author of the plugin. Some would allow you to host their plugins, some would not.

You would have to ask the author of each plugin individually.
You should always check with the author, unless it specifically states in the modification license that redistribution is allowed.
Just to add to this (rather than start a new topic or bump my old one Wink). Is there any way of contacting the mods through a thread in this forum? I myself am running a website for forums only and have finally got my downloads section working with GARS. I'm just looking for a place to contact all mods at once asking if it is okay to use their downloads (I wish for them to sign up, however I can upload the mod/theme under their name Smile)

Such as yourself DenisTT. I have logged into the Mods section and clicked your name but can find no other way of contacting you other than these forums.

However if i need to PM every mod seperatly please also let me know. (I have sent you a Message Wink) Thankyou
If you cannot find out by reading the License Agreement, then I would probably PM every Mod Author.

Just posting a thread in the forum is not a smart way to go about it, as it could become very un-organized.

Do not, under any circumstances, just put the plugins up on your site without contacting the Author, unless the License Agreement displayed says you can. Your site could possibly get shut down for piracy if you do.

And for the record, my plugins are not available for redistribution, under any circumstances, so no one even bother asking.
Thanks for the info champ Big Grin