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Full Version: Update the Subscribe & Favorites links in bottom
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In the bottom of each thread you can see those links:
- Subscribe to this Thread
- Add Thread to Favorites

Those links stay like that also after you subscribe/favorite them.
I think that after you subscribe/favorite the thread the links should change to:
- Unsubscribe from this Thread
- Remove Thread from Favorites

Every time I'm receiving an email that notify me about a new reply to thread I've subscribed and I'm visit the thread I'm wonder why those links doesn't updated. So just now I've sent a new idea available at:
Update the subscribe & favorites links in bottom
everyone agree with me - please go and vote! (it's take just a moment)
Only 4 votes and not even 1 reply?
Please tell me what you think...
I think this is necessary.
If you're getting votes there is no need to have replies. Those people obviously agree with you and have nothing further to add other than their support for your idea. Smile

This feature has already been included in MyBB 1.4.

Thanks Chris.

Didn't think I was allowed to say so I just played along. Big Grin

Marked as included.
so happy to hear that you already think about that!