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Full Version: Themes/Mod Bots
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Yeah i've submitted two themes and they are already posted by bots on different forums.

Sorry if i'm not allowed to post this ;\
Wow, actually that's good for you... Smile But, yeah I'm not sure if this is allowed, but I'm sure it probably is Wink.
The download links to the MyBB Mods download page anyway. So technically they've not offered your theme for download from their site/server. They've given you full credit and even included a link to your website.
I don't think anything is legally wrong, but maybe if you got in contact with them they would be willing to take down your work(s).

I even found my one and only modification there. Toungue
There's nothing illegal about that o.o Why wouldn't you want advertising for your themes?
Download agreement Wrote:The following license applies to this download.

You agree by downloading:
You may not upload this theme to any other web server or website.
You agree you will not modify the copyright out of the footer.
You agree you will not claim this theme as your own.
Some sites have bots that create threads on their boards with common information about your theme. Stuff such as copyright, information, version, date released, author, all that good stuff. Almost all of them link to where they got it from, not uploading it. There is nothing illegal about that, though I personally find it slightly pointless...but if it helps get your theme out there, you should encourage it Smile.
Tikitiki Wrote:There's nothing illegal about that o.o Why wouldn't you want advertising for your themes?
no its great that they do that and get more people to look at them and get them to download it, I was just curious Smile