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Full Version: Theme database should be changed a bit
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I think that the theme database should be changed a bit, so that you can view themes by the last updated for/tested MyBB version number. It is so frustrating to download theme after theme to find that it simply doesn't work (errors, etc) with the latest version of MyBB. Rather than showing the "last modified" date, the theme download page should show "last updated for version # etc" or "tested on version #" or something similar.

Anyone else agree?

I don't personally use pre-done themes, but it would reduce the noobish "OMG THEME DOESN'T WORK HELP ME PLZ!11!1!1!!" posts. Toungue
What they DO need to do is STOP calling the themes (My Theme v1.xx or v2 etc.) And give it a version number the same as the MYBB version that it is written for.

Viz: (My Theme v1.2.9) for Mybb v1.2.9 etc.

That would stop a LOT of confusion about what themes suit any particular version of MyBB. Toungue
Capital idea, Lopalong! Big Grin

I might try that... lol
Too simple - and if one upgrades / changes a theme they have made for a particular version of MyBB that is the current version, one could re-version the theme as v1.2.12a - b - c etc. Wink
+1 Smile
That would be a good idea... I had a similar idea in mind, but I for got the parts that differed from this one.