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Full Version: "Brown-ish" MyBB RC4
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here its my 3th skin for mybb..

i called "brown-ish"

take a look here:

a picture of it:

[Image: screenshot36hi.gif]


hope you guys can enjoy it Smile

this is a cool theme, I really like it. But there's one thing: The email- and the profile-button are missing.

Good work! Wink

Yeh shrbr i'll make the zippedf older if you want i can see you hack my installation guide Toungue

Anyway this is his second skin (it's only takes him about an hour :O)

Good luck with it Toungue
its my 3th skin, let me show you

the 1st is for mybb gold, of course i cant say details and you cant download it Toungue




@ 2th Skin (Cool blue)


@ 3th Skin (Brown-ish)
Realy good!!!!
i liked the second 1 more than the first,,,
Kakashi Wrote:Realy good!!!!
i liked the second 1 more than the first,,,

That's mine shrbr you have more :O

Let me know if you need any databases and the second one is for download btw name is coolblue
*clear throat* May I know how you got a hold of myBB Gold? It should only be available to beta testers!

Anyway, nice skins. Perhaps a blue one next Wink
I want to know as well i've set up all his forums for him hum what's going on where is your other database?
The forums visible in the screenshot are the Spanish testing forums for MyBB Gold.
as tochjo says, its the test forum of the spanish translation Smile so dont worry Toungue i dont own a mybb gold, i just test a skin for it Smile
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