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Full Version: - Free MyBB Forum Hosting with No Ads!
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Yeah, that's definitely what you need. Your current skin is very unattrative, and makes your site look cheap. Fix that, but everything is great, especially the mod!
Looking good. It nice to see many more MyBB hosting services now Smile
Yeah, my website design isn't too great, I've got someone who might help me with a better design, but if anyone wants to help me design a cooler looking site let me know. Smile

Also, I know the support forums are running PHPBB. It's because my host started as a PHPBB forum host. Maybe I'll convert them to MyBB.

I could make you a design if you want, PM me.
Nice service. Will be very useful for people without hosting/domains to start a forum that doesn't look half bad without huge ads pasted all over the forum.
OTW bro ...thnx Smile
Hey pretty neat! I just set one up, but I like the idea of hosting these.
You might have to update alot, right?

And seeing as you have it on your own hosting service, why not add in a domain manager?
I hope to update it to the next version of MyBB once it comes out. It's running on some code I wrote myself so I think I'll be able to update the forums. The one thing about updating the forums that I worry about though is the themes, with each version of MyBB some themes break, so I'd need to do testing before I upgraded the forums.

A domain manager is a cool idea. I'd have to see about that.
lol I love how the Support Forum is running on phpBB :p
I know, I have the support forums integrated with the support forums for my other forum host, WebringAmerica, which hosts PHPBB3 forums. I thought of having two support forums but that is a little crazy. Smile

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