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Full Version: My small forum site
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okay i have had this domain for some time now and was just sitting so i made this site out of it. come and have a look and the first 5 people to join and post 10 post (with out spam) will get premium (you get more PM space more upload space and some more forums to post in and more)

so the site is

(this i posted on anther forum so i better just copy and past it :p )
okay to save a new topic i just want to say i done an update changes some forums and added one of firefoxwiz cool themes. and also made a sig ad you can see :p
Looks nice, but you need a logo. Toungue
Ye i am working on that still dam photoshop will not let me do what i want.
and is there any things i can change and or fix to make the site better?

EDIT: logo is up
Didn't you launch this before or am I getting confused between something else?
i did then closed it, and had it as a blank page for long time and i am reopening it and i will not close it no more if i get sick of i will hand it over to some one else :p
Nice theme, FFW did a good job on it...
ahero4heor Wrote:Nice theme, FFW did a good job on it...

I done the logo but firefoxwiz did the theme.
Oh, yeah I recognized that but I forgot to mention it didn't I? Nice logo! Big Grin There, we're all happy Big Grin!
Well any ways i done some changes and looking for new feedback.
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