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Full Version: WHM Integration
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I'm thinking about making a MyBB plugin that creates and suspends hosting accounts using WHM. It would let you set a signup post requirement, monthly post requirement, and a login requirement. The post check would be automated using a cron that runs once a month.
Would anyone use it? If yes I'll put it higher on my priority list.
I would that would be an amazing plugin
I would love to use that!
damn! let me know when u got this up and volunteerin to be a beta tester for u rite now!!! that be hot!!!! kinda like fantascio but better!!!!
I wish I had WHM to try this on Sad. But it sounds like something awesome....!
I'll start work on this soon. I'll try to get this done sometime next month.
wicked awesome!
yay! this will be awesome!
If you want something to be included, please post it at

I have begun work. Expect a simple version to be released soon.
That is hot. I would so use that.
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