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Full Version: Whats with with Mentor
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It's up to them whether or not to respond to PMs, but the point is to make their responses distinguished in the support forum.
Where is this thing we're talking about?
(2008-02-16, 07:51 AM)Chris Boulton Wrote: [ -> ]The "Mentor" status will be a status assigned by MyBB staff. As Ryan said:
Quote:I'm not sure exactly what it is, but it looks like it. It is for those of you who have been seen as active and helpful but aren't on the MyBB team. It is a way for us to recognize you.

It's also a way for new users to keep an eye out for replies to their post made by senior members of the community - those who may know MyBB more than other posters in that thread.

They've invited people they feel that help out and know more about mybb than the average user. We have a lighter blue color in our user names and special usertitle.
RE: The second post

So how is this a mod? Isn't this just a user group?
It's not a mod nor are we moderators. It is just a usergroup.
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