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Full Version: Logo Creation Request
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I've never had much imagination, so I'm not good at creating banners. If someone wouldn't mind, would you make me one to go with my forum, possibly like the logo I already have on top of the forum, just... better? Maybe a little longer? My forum is at: .

Edit: I forgot to mention, if you help me out, I'll put your name on the forum credits page (hasn't been created yet) of my forum. I'll also add a link to your forum.
Here's my attempt:

[Image: newheader570.gif]

Direct image link:

Linking back is not necessary, but appreciated Smile
Okay, anybody want to take a stab at mine? This has been the same nasty looking logo for 12 years.

while i am asking... a modern version is a great idea with a Vista type look...

let me know, via PM...