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Full Version: [RELEASE] MyBB FireRed Pro
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[Image: logoht0.gif]
MyBB Shine Theme v.1 by Lorddonk

My third theme! And this one is once again better than all my previous themes! This theme is aimed at those who feel there aren’t enough “professional” themes for MyBB. This theme features a calming blend of reds offset with whites to give off a professional company type theme. This one again contains buttons created by FirefoxWiz because it is truly the most awesome button set I’ve ever seen. A heads up for users of this theme, make sure you have transparent smileys on your board, otherwise there will be an ugly white outline around them. And finally, if you enjoy this theme, PLEASE leave some comments on it! I have planned an exact replica of this theme in blue, it will be MyBBIceBluePro so you can look forward to that too!!

Licensed Under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported
[Image: 88x31.png]
Legal Mumbo Jumbo Code

Additional Terms:
You may not remove, hide, or in any way alter or conceal the footer link. Such actions is not only a violation of the MyBB terms, but mine as well. I will not hesitate to pursue those who do not attribute work properly. You are getting something for free, you can at least give creators some credit! As per the license, this theme may be used for Commercial purposes. However, you may NOT sell this theme itself. If you wish to sell a modified version of this particular theme, contact me first. Inquires about the Silver Button Set designed by [Image: member.php?action=profile&uid=1], can be made here.

Installation Instructions:
* Login to Admin CP > Themes > Import
* Select “Browse…” and upload the theme’s .XML file.
* Upload the contents of the images folder via FTP into your /images/ directory
* Additional Instructions can be found within the README.

Previews: (Click for full screen preview)

Live Demo:
here (Change the "Theme Selector to 'MyBBFireRedPro'.

My site: here
MyBB Mods site: {awaiting approval}
Not bad... Big Grin
Quite okay and that's it! Toungue
nice thanks...
Lorddonk, will you be updating this theme for 1.4?
Its the centrepiece of my site but I had to do away with my 1.2 forum Sad so now I dont have it.
Pleeeasee pleaase update it Big Grin
stings my eyes but its a really good theme other than that. nice rounded corners Big Grin
I like my forums with abit of pazazz Smile