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Full Version: n0000000b
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ok im new at this. so, how can i start messing with the colors of my board? also, how can i change the logo?
For the colors, edit the theme at Admin CP > Themes > Modify/Delete > *theme set edit*

As for the logo, replace images/logo.gif, and images/Light/logo.gif
ok for the logo and other images, when i change it, it appears like a X at where the image is supposed to be. i mean, i put the url of my logo. is there like a way to upload them to my acp, and then use it?
dont put the http:// link to your logo. Just use it relevant to your image directory.

If you go to: ACP -> Themes -> Modify/Delete -> *Theme Name* -> Edit

And look at "Image Directory". By default it will be set at images/. Now lets say you uploaded a new logo at "images/test/logo.gif", then that is what you need to put for the logo url (without the quotes), not
U need to upload the logo via ftp to the image folder and give the corrent path to the image in the theme editor
wait wait wait. wat exactly, step by step, i have to do to upload the logo to finally use it as my forum logo?
1) upload the logo into your images folder
2) set the logo path from the theme editor
great. but 1 more qstion. where is the images folder thing?
forget it! i found it and now i have my logo! yay