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Full Version: LOGO MyBB Disain for YoU Forum by : dotfone
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LOGO MyBB Disain for YoU Forum by : dotfone

[b]is making logo MyBB for you logo forum....

happy fun

Master logo :

[Image: 81319307dw1.png]

for editing logo brand forum :

[Image: 1001ei2.png]

master logo :

[Image: 37407628em0.png]

[Image: 10085483lc3.png]
Not bad... The first one is my fave, the other two kinda clash.
They looks very nice, I like the Master logo with the green.
Like the first logo. Works well with green
And i'am Will finish make Flash Banner to portal

or you look my portal this is :
Pretty nice, but learn to spell.
Looks alright, but you need to use spellcheck, and Flash on webpages isn't very practical...