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Full Version: popup menu template editing
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i can get the menu to work properly...the problem, if you see my first post is the appearing pf the correct posters links (profile, email, homepage) inside the popup menu not a php/html expert so i assumed it was some kind of command i did not add
There is a mybb forum using this kind of popup but...
[Image: f_TemplateSham_4b49bfc.png]

Give me the html to see what u have put in it(No give the whole code to see it) Smile
Can you post the link to your forum, Darkmew
sorry for the late reply hope you guys are still online to help me....

DennisTT my site url is

i have to themes of the same kind....the active one (so that if i mess up my members do not find out about it) and the test one....

if you want i chnage to the test 1....(test VB)
but you know the usercp thing...

im on msn..if u wana add me...

also i'll change the function_post.php to the new vrsion so that you can actually use the "test vb" theme with the popup

i can also give you ftp access and temp admin priveleges....

That popup is more ipb stylish(opens like ipb) and i never thought that you would make a forum about pokemon
Also i dont see the menu on user click an active member of about 3 different forums poered by vb and they all look the same to me....

ps i like pokemon...i take it you think that childish ...."to each his own " i always say

edit how did u manage to see the profile popup i checked and you need to be a member to see that
no more replies......denisTT?
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