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Full Version: How to inser MyBB into a site design
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Hello everybody
As the title says, i am looking for help in the myBB customization. I would like to insert myBB into my site but WITHOUT using iFrame. I tried modifying templates, but i get troubles with that. Could somebody please help me?

Thanks in advance.
Why don't you want an iFrame? It's easy and manageable...
Is your page just normal HTML files?

Then copy all the stuff above the very first content word and paste it into the TOP of the header template and save.

Then cppy all the stuff below the very last content word and past it into the BOTTOM of the footer template and save.

Then preview your forum, if it looks stuffed up or weird, then edit the header & footer to remove things like the <head> tags (but keep the stuff between it) the <body> tag etc.


(P.S I managed to integrate my site with my forum very easily, link in profile if you want to see)
Thanks for tips Lachlan.
Edit: When i edit as you said, i obtain:
Dots that aren't there on my main design.
My footer completely destroyed Sad

Edit: Solved footer and other problems, but dots are still there Sad

@ahero4heor: i don't want an iFrame because it cause a lot of bugs and such things.

Ah, well.. I don't think I can help any more. Your forum is squished an requires some more space, try not to use such a small design. Wink