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Full Version: [Release] Light Grey
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My sixth theme I think. I lost count. Everything mine except buttons made by ffw.

Use and distribute freely. Just say where you got it or where it originated from if you modify it.

Login to Admin CP > Themes > Import

Select "Browse..." and upload the theme's .XML file.

Put the lightgrey forlder inside your images folder from the zip file via FTP.

So like images/lightgrey/...

I added a grey background. And alternating tables to match the welcome and bottom panel. And the logo stretches to the width of the page and text links on top for the forum as everyone liked on my site I mentioned in the showcase.

Just replace the big.jpg with whatever if you don't like the background or the logo stretching.

Very nice theme. I like the header but your logos seems to ruin it a little Toungue
That's why there's a second picture of what it would like with no logo.