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Full Version: [Release] Orange and Blue
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My seventh theme I think. I lost count. Everything mine except buttons and rounded corners made by ffw. I suck at rounded corners.

Use and distribute freely. Just say where you got it or where it originated from if you modify it.

Login to Admin CP > Themes > Import

Select "Browse..." and upload the theme's .XML file.

Put the orangeandblue forlder inside your images folder from the zip file via FTP.

So like images/orangeandblue/...

The only thing I didn't add is a logo. But you'll add your own anyway later. I use a slight modify on my site with larger logo. Just replace bar.jpg with your own site. Welcome to...

And in Admin CP under Templates Expand orangeandblue and edit Header. Change to what ever your main site page is for home.jpg

Quite a nice theme. I'm guessing the logo bit is in the orange bar Toungue
Logos are temporary anyway as you always ad your own later. So I never added one. But yes centered in the yellow area right above the links home, forums, etc.