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Now that I've got MyBB installed on my atheist blog, I can showcase it here Big Grin

Anyway, "The Atheist Blogger" is aimed to be an open blog about atheism, religion, and anti-theism, written by anyone who wants to contribute to it. Recently, a lot of articles have been deemed controversial enough to debate, but since WordPress blog comments sections aren't the best place to do that I installed MyBB to do the job. - The Blog - The Forums

The site is open to anyone, if you are atheist or not. We welcome all debates.

*Note* - The forum theme is plain and grey because I wanted to keep it in line with the blog theme. Colour really didn't look right on it anyway.
I like it, I think the scheme not only mirrors the blog, but it looks nice on it's own. Not flashy but easy on the eyes and simply laid out Smile
Agreed with Techmonkey here.

Although, more plugins would be nice. ^_^;
Ryan Ashbrook Wrote:Agreed with Techmonkey here.

Although, more plugins would be nice. ^_^;
I hadn't really thought about plugins Toungue The feedback section of the forums is for that Ryan. hehe
That theme really matches with the site. Hope all goes well for you drpoodle
Hey, I like the theme...FYI The main site has a small horizontal bar on 1024 * 768...