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Full Version: Reversed back to 1.4 demand to 1.2+[postbit]
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I like most of all mybb cp they look a lot more options but one thing I want admins to return it back is about post bit looking I don't like horizontal type postbit. I like version 1.2+ a lot better in vertical type postbit. Users detail will always stays left and you can add more unlimited profile detail there. even they flow down they didn't mess up the right posting content.

But if horizontal postype like 1.4 here they're limit. If you add more of profile detail the postbit_author_user will keep strech down and mess up. It's going to looks downgrade of postbit for me.[It's going into vb instead of mybb orignal postbit.]

I need 1.2 postbit_author_user stay left as default until 1.4 better. I know that some users can make 1.2 postbit in some themes but that's few to be found because these days vb theme design start booming and that cause postbit_author_users change also.
Okay if i read your post right in MYBB 1.4 i forgot what it was under but you can pic to have the horizontal or vertical post bits.
It's optional.
You can change the option at the Admin CP.
I see, thank you for advice I've missed my sight from "Display posts using the classic layout" before I thought that I have to change codes in templates to turn back to normal. Thank you guys now I found it, now

-discuss end-
you can lock this thread.