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Full Version: Ranking Room
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if this is possible, I'd like to request a Ranking Room
What will be:
under it's control panel setting the admin will assign a thread id, and list the choices (with optional pictures), from which member can rank the choices from best to worst, and other permissions, such as allow comments. The displayed rank roster will be averaged based on member choices, and members can add comments. In the control panel, admins can create new Ranking Rooms.

Options would include:
Rank List Name
number of choices
optional side images
allow comments
finalize user submissions - default is no so users can readjust their personal list
readjustment frequecncy - default is off, options are hourly, daily, weekly, or something of the sort
readjustments before locking - after a number of readjustments, user rank list will lock until the next time they can readjust their list

a link will be available in the User CP where they can adjust their rank list and save.

At least that's the gist of it. I know forums where "tiers" are a big thing would enjoy having something like this