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Full Version: Url Already Submited
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Hi there

when a person puts in urls in his post the mod will check the forum and see if the url has already been added to forum if it has it will say something like url already on here something like that

is that possible

thanks in advanced
That's going to be load killer for large sites. It will require a full text search with EVERY post. Are you sure you want this?
if it can be done then yes if it makes it slow or any problems easily to unistall
Ok, so search the whole forum for the link? The whole forum, or that specific catagory?
well i would only need it to search 2 category`s
Seems simple enough, then.

I'll give it a try.

once you have done it can u pm telling me please
The post is just a URL, or do I need to search the post for URLs, and try all of them?
sorry dont understand

i want it to search urls that are in the posts and if there is one like and a user trys posting it will give them a message saying already posted
What I'm asking is when the user is making the post, is the post just
, or is it
Quote:This is a great site:
, or is it
Quote:look at these great sites:,,

I need to know how to extract the url
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