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Full Version: Let's put it to use.
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We all know that we can mark users mods as "Installed" or "Uninstalled". MyBB should really put it to use for the developers of the mods. We need to see how many people have it installed according to the installed and uninstalled link in each modification page. This can help us analyze the popularity of our mods by the users who have it installed more so then the downloaders. I don't know how MyBB stores the installed/uninstalled setting but it could be easily achievable if it's done through database or flat file.

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I always make sure I use the installed/uninstalled function.
Don't forget that not everybody use that button (although I think it's very useful) or sometimes the download broken down, or the user change the plugin without saving backup and then he need to re-download, when an upgrade committed the user re-download but he can't re-mark the mods.
What I want to say is that it's very not accurate way to know the popularity\usefulness of your mods.

Still, I DO think that the mods developer should be able to see how many users marked their mods as installed, and the ratio of downloads/markings. Also it would be much better if we could see the avarage ratio so we can compare our ratio to other's ratio.

great suggestion!
*thumbs up*
A good idea, but in the grand scheme of things, low on our list