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Full Version: My skin on my mybb forums
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hey check out and tell me what you think of the skin
its good but i think the white makes to much big contrast to the eye
try changing the white with #DFDDEA or something like this. Also your logo is huge it will look nicer if u make it little smaller. and a menu backround image with gradient whould give a nicer effect too
thanks but i like it the way it is
Just have to say that I love that logo, although, making it smaller and maybe making it a horizantal rather than a vertical header would help the design. If not that, aligning the header to the middle would also help the design.

Another thing, that white on orange hurts the, changing that would rock. Also, changing the catagory background to fit the rest of the design would also help. if you don't want to take up any of these ideas, that just a major loss for you. (Also, the background color is a little on the wack side)

I don't like the white either, but since you like it the way it is, I'll leave it at that.
Mmmm... I think its ok and needs better colors that match eachother like the white like alot of people are mentioning.