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Full Version: Liverpool FC Supporter Site
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Please give feedback and constructive critiscism, thanks.
Looks very good Big Grin I'd, however, center the logo.
You missed a 'h' after the letter 's' on the word site Wink

Nice site, are you from Norway by any chance?

To all mods, this is just football banter Big Grin
No lol Big Grin
Scouser mate Smile
U mean there is actually a liverpool fan in Liverpool? lol Wink
I'm a big Liverpool fan, I'll join. Wink
Great, thanks, tell your mates!
Will liverpool break into the TOP 3 next season or waste another £60mill and finih 4th or less?
having said that, sounds like theres not much money with only offering 10mill and players for barry lol.
haha Big Grin

Oh well there's not much point finishing 4th in a 4 horse race. We can do it next season, boardroom troubles should be over and torres should still be on fire. WE CAN DO IT!