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Full Version: Alternating table row help
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Hey guys,
I wanted a gradient for my alternating table rows, and this was achieved by putting in a gradient background image. Here's how it looks on the forum index:
[Image: help01.jpg]

But when I post a new thread, I get repetitions of alternating table rows. I just want the table rows to show up on the forum index, and that's all. How would I change this?

[Image: help1.jpg]
When you goto the Alternative Rows theme bit enter this in the Extra CSS Attributes box:
background-repeat: repeat-x;
That'll sort it out. Smile

For those who don't understand that line, basically it just tells the background image to repeat on ONLY the 'X' axis (horizontally / across / left to right) and not up or down. Smile
Nice... I've been looking for that, too! No wonder it was all funky when i did the near-same thing. >.<
Oh and if you want the gradient to come ONLY down and not across (so like a side gradient) then use:
background-repeat: repeat-y;
Here's another question... (thought it's not really related to the original topic)
I know you can do bottom-borders in CSS... but is there anyway that I could make a bottom border with an image in CSS? So for example, let's say that I wanted a small gradient to be at the bottom of the "Welcome Panel", could I do it?

Erm... a border as a image in CSS... I am not 100% sure if that can be done... to be honest I don't think it can. Though, I might be wrong.

Unless I'm doing something wrong (which I may be) I can't seem to get it to work Confused
ignore this, found the solution