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Full Version: MyBB Multiforums Forum - The only forum that lets you become a free MyBB forum host!
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I would like to show off my MyBB Multiforums Support Forum. This forum is unique in that it is the only MyBB forum that gives you the tools to host free MyBB forums for others. Yes, this forum is home to the MyBB Multiforums Mod!

If you've ever wanted to host free MyBB forums for others, or if it just sounds cool, come and take a look! We also have discussions about how to run a forum host, as well as other general chat about how to run a website.

Visit the Forums!

Let me know what you think!
I like it! A lot better then what it use to be. Don't forget to change the link to the forums at
Still love your mod.. but I need to get another domain or something for my own host.