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Full Version: Add new page to MyBB
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I know the portal is finished, but here is a quick and easy way to add a new page to MyBB anduse MyBB's variables. Smile

Instructions are in the file!

Enjoy! Smile

When I visit that page, I just get a error message, something about templates...
Yeah, thats because you need to specify a certain template but the example page hasn't been specified.
For now go to

That page is an example of this hack with a few modifications.
This hack also works for RC3, perfectly!
I expected as much, since it doesn't realyl touch any MyBB files. Smile
true.. it just need the global.php page to tell the
eval("\${template} = \"".$templates->get("{template}")."\";");
code to convert ect...
Thank you for this, it is a great help for people wanting to make modifications, well done.
You're welcome. Smile