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Full Version: is it possible to make a mybb theme from a phpbb3 or a vbulletin style?
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I was just wondering if it was possible to make a MyBB theme from a phpbb3 or vbulletin style?
Yes, it is possible to convert a theme from a different board, but you'll need the creator's approval.
how to make it possible?pls need guidance
teman Wrote:how to make it possible?pls need guidance

Ask the MyBB group, such as Tochjo, Chris Boulton or a moderator/develop of MyBB. If they give you the approval, you may then develop the theme for PHPBB 3 or Vbulletin. Make sure you follow the guidelines the MyBB Group give you.
For claification: He said from, so yes and as long as the original author has appreced the conversion and if you plan to release it make sure they know about that, too.

You should try and recreate the images yourself, if at all possible. But you'll need some simple CSS knowledge and HTML, if you plan to stray from the original layout of the included theme.