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Full Version: [Release] Glossy v2
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Glossy v2 is the second version of the Glossy theme. It is a red/silver glossy style theme for MyBB 1.2.12
This version has been totally remodeled with new icons, postbits, and buttons.
The header image has also been toned down to be more pleasing to the eyes.

To install this MyBB theme, unzip the zip file in WinZip, WinRar, etc.
Upload the "Glossyv2" folder to your MyBB root images folder (eg. forum/images/).
Once all the files have been uploaded, go to your Admin CP and go to Themes> Import.
View it in your Admin CP at Themes> Modify/Delete> Glossy v2.

Nice on, i published it on mybbdesign:

Brilliant theme. I like the design quite basic but a very good use of gradients and I like the red. Reminds me of a lollipop
Beautiful theme, I love it. I have always been a fan of a red/white style contrast and this just makes it work. Well done.
Beautiful job and beautiful buttons. Smile