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Full Version: Template issue.
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I recently installed the element theme on my forum and edited it to suit my taste/needs.

I have the game section mod installed, and every time I navigate to Game section settings in my usercp I have a small minor template issue I can not seem to solve.

I need to know where the game section templates are and the game section settings templates so I can fix this problem.

I have taken the liberty of providing a screenshot of the problem so you may be better able to help me. As you can see the menu for the settings of the game section is off and has vertical lines going through it which I outlined in a circle.

Any info on how to solve this problem?
Anyone care to help?

I am having a really difficult time receiving help here with certain things. One of my previous support threads went unanswered fro over two months after being bumped constantly. I was eventually forced to fix the problem myself through trial and error.Sad
Well, if someone knew it would obviously have been stated. Well it's in one of the templates that the games mod modifies.