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Full Version: Theme organization on mods section..
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I just realized how many themes MyBB has accumulated. Its awesome to see a healthy community supplying some different looking themes for people to use, but I imagine its difficult for those people to actually find them.

Could we implement some sort of organization on the themes page of the mods site? Just some categories like on the mods pages. Maybe by colour, or style, or some other determining factor.

Thanks, Q
I agree, this is a good idea.
Any official response to this? If its a matter of actually moving themes into categories I'd be willing to sort that out. The mod site is indisputably the best resource for MyBB themes, but frustrating to browse at this point.
I third this.
I like the idea as well. Plus maybe have them sorted by which version of mybb they work with.
I like the idea but many themes have multiple categories and genres and sometimes this can be abused but other then that it is kind-of a good idea
I don't see how abuse plays a role. authors will be able to pick one category only.

Perhaps they should also be able to specify things about their theme like colour, width etc to make them more searchable.
I suggest a topic "All themes are listed here" same goes for mods section(here on forum)
dikidera Wrote:I suggest a topic "All themes are listed here" same goes for mods section(here on forum)
I don't know how hopeful a topic in the community forums would be. The mods/themes section provides a great infrastructure, we just need to categorize the themes for easier navigation.