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yup for all Metal Gear (Solid) fans check it out, any abody who can gimme a hand content wise it would be much appreciated Smile

The new showcase thread for this site is here:
do u know if metal gear 3 will be available for pc ?
Sorry mate there is no intention of releasing MGS 3 (Subsistence or Snake Eater) for PC. I don't no why konami have decided this as the series was popular for the PC.
All updates will be posted there so sign up if you want
Nice job the forum is looking good 8-)
that looks Great!
Thank you all Smile
We are currently looking for a designer who has good knowledge of html/php/flash

If you are interested add me to msn [email protected]

Do you know the most recent or latest version of metal gear for XBOX? The only one I saw was the rather beefed up (not by a lot) Sons of Liberty versioni for xbox. The problem is, I've already played and beaten that game for PS2, so really, I'm not that interested on playing it again. Looking great so far.
Im sorry Cory but MGS 2: Substance (Remake of MGS: 2 Sons of liberty with 400+ VR Missions) is the latest and final version of Metal Gear for X-BOX. Hideo Kojima has stated he will not be making Metal Gear for any other consoles than the Sony ones (PS2, PS3, PSP)
damn, this was my fav for all the mission type games. I was wondering, have you played substance? Are there enough new things or thingamajigs on that to make it worth me trying it again for xbox?
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