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Full Version: you tube wont show up
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i installed the you tube mod,

it wont show up if i post a embed code, why???
rc said he'd take a look and never did?
I don't believe the youtube mods use the embed code. They use the URL which used to be prominently displayed...but now you just have to grab it from your address bar.
Quote:I don't believe the youtube mods use the embed code.

Pardon my ignorance, but what do you mean by the above statement?

I have a "youtube" mod/plug in at my forum and if the bbcode [youtube]insert musicfileor whateverfilehere[/youtube]. That embeds the files into my forums.

The only thing that I can say that may not work, is if the actual url address isn't a "direct" link to the music file.
hey guys, thanks for the replies, long time no see...

its been awhile...

yeah, I use the embed code, then I click on the you tube icon and it puts the code thing in front and back of the embeded you tube code, and the only thing that appears is the you tube embed code as i had copeid it and pasted it into the post?

i want to use the msn codes for their videos and google ones too, but they wont show up either?
do i have a check box disabled in the acp? like html or something or url not checked somewhere maybe?

when i added the install codes, i didnt use these symbols[ ] , could that be the problem?

any help would be greatly appreciated,,, and Labrocca i bet your mods have grown with your ingenuity, you had some great mods that really are cool, i gotta get a chance to navigate them...

as for the url, Labrocca i havent tried that yet, i wish or would hope that i could get a plug in or mod for one that allows all codes to work, or if there is and i am not aware of it could you point me in the right direction or post a link or tell me the title?