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Full Version: Rate MyBB @ HotScripts - don't work !
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On Download page of is a Rate form @ HotScripts.
When I try to add a rating for MyBB, I was redirected to this page of Hot Scripts but there is as an additional security measure: Chapta Image.
But... string from the image is not shown.
So: "Your vote will not be counted until you pass this step."

Maybe it's better if you remove rate form from Download section.
I just want to inform you about this...

"Click here for an audio version of the above image
Click here for a new image to be displayed"
--- don't work also...
Works fine for me. Smile

What's your browser? Either way though this is a problem; MyBB couldn't do anything more than contact Hotscripts.

As BMR mentioned, this is a HotScripts problem. If this is still happening for you, I can attempt to chase it up with them.