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Full Version: Sticky Request for MyBB and Freehost / White Page Issue
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I would like to request that a sticky be made in the General Support forums about MyBB and free web hosts that automatically inject ads into the hosted accounts.

It seems that MyBB just displays a white page (instead of the forums) on free hosts where the host automatically inserts ads into the user's account. So far today I have had to tell two people that their MyBB won't run because of their host and injected ads after helping them with this issue. I have also had to help numerous others with this same issue. I think that a simple sticky thread should be made that informs people that if they intend to run MyBB on a free web host that automatically injects ads into hosted web sites (such as GoDaddy free or X10 Hosting Ad-Sponsored plans) that MyBB may not work or may display a white page instead of the forums. This will just save time, especially if people see it as the "Blank White Page" sticky so affected users can quickly and easily solve the issue by changing to a host without injected ads instead of blaming MyBB for the issue or requesting additional support.

Anyone else agree?
We already have information on this available in the wiki at minimum
Perhaps add the webhosts to this link...

Stating that the webhosts have problems with MyBB.....But then again, not everyone reads the "Stickies"!!
Yeah, but there's a higher chance of them getting redirections to the thread, instead. It'd cut down, imo. But it's not too big of an issue.