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Hey all!

The forum I am working on is called Maroon Life. It is mainly for the students and fans of Mississippi State University.

I would love comments about the site, and I am looking for people who might help with starting the discussions.


Maroon Life - MSU Forum, News and Guide

[Image: logo4.jpg]
I have been helping him with a few parts of this site (even though I am an Ole Miss student/fan)! Any tips you guys can provide him will be graciously accepted!
It's all down to advertising.. goodluck guys Smile
Thanks kjaonline!
I've pretty much have renovated my site since I posted this thread. I am unsure of how the portal page should look. (I'm using the Portal as the homepage)

Please take a look at it, I need your suggestions!

Hey everyone!

Take a look at my site,, and let me know what you think.

I've done a good bit of work in the last week, and basically just want some constructive criticism.

Thanks guys,